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At Oxford we are trying to institutionalise our support of small and mid-size enterprises. To demonstrate our commitment, we are using our placement system for students and alums to help participants find a mentor or advisor.

Step 1: Download the guidelines to the Application Process (EnglishChinese)
Step 2: Once you have read the guidelines, click here to apply

Please note that application closes on 30th January.

The competition will also help participants to be eligible for cash prizes from Saïd Global Entrepreneur Challenge and investment from the SBS Venture Fund.

FAQ (Chinese)

Who is eligible to apply for SGEC?
All teams or individuals are eligible to apply for SGEC. There are no restrictions on location, type of business, university affiliation, or maturity of business (or business idea). All teams must be matched with a mentor to advance to the 2nd round. There is no guarantee that mentors will be matched; this will depend on the appeal of the business (or business idea) and a mentor willing to work with the team.

What is the SGEC application process?
All teams wishing to participate in SGEC will have to register through the University of Oxford’s Career Connect system. Guidelines to the application process are available above, including the link to Career Connect. Once teams are registered, they will create a posting for a mentor and include the 1-page business plan. Mentors will then be matched with business plans they want to work with. Any team that is not matched with a mentor will not advance to the 2nd round.

How do I submit the 1-page business plan?
You are not required to upload any documents during the initial application round. The 1-page business plan will consist of your responses to the three questions outlined in the application process guidelines document. Responses to these questions should be included in the “Job Description” field when creating a mentor vacancy. Prospective mentors will then search for mentor vacancies and review your high level business plan when they read the Job Description section of each mentor vacancy.

Will any travel be required?
The SGEC competition will be conducted virtually, so no travel is required. If regional winners choose to participate in the Venture Fund competition and are selected as Venture Fund finalists, they will be invited to Oxford and all travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Venture Fund.

Who is eligible for Venture Fund?
Only regional SGEC winners will be eligible to participate in Venture Fund. Regional winners will be selected from each of our 6 regions based on the quality of the 10-page business plans.

Who is eligible for Tata Idea Idol?
An added bonus of applying for SGEC is the chance to participate in the 2012 Tata Idea Idol competition. Oxford Entrepreneurs ( will review all business plans submitted for SGEC and select some of these plans to participate in the Tata Idea Idol competition for a chance to win £10,000. There is no additional work required of SGEC participants to be eligible for the Tata Idea Idol competition; if your business plan is selected for the competition you will be contacted by Oxford Entrepreneurs. For more information on the Tata Idea Idol competition, please visit their website at

What prizes will be awarded?
One global SGEC winner will be selected from the regional winners and awarded a cash prize of £2,000. If a team advances to the Venture Fund finals and wins the Venture Fund competition, they will negotiate with the Venture Fund committee for an equity stake investment that typically ranges between £50,000 and £150,000.